Public Works

The City of Urbana Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant and collection system, Water treatment and distribution system, Storm water collection, Roadway repair and maintenance, equipment maintenance, and facility maintenance.

The City’s Water System consists of 3 wells, and two 100,000 gallon elevated storage tanks.  We also maintain 120 fire hydrants, 291 water main valves, approximately 17 miles of water main and 630 water meters.  We produce on average 75,000 gallons of water a day.  Along with adding Chlorine at all three wells for disinfection we add an Ortho polyphosphate blend for iron and corrosion control at two of the wells.

The City’s Wastewater Collection and treatment consists of three lift stations, approximately 18 miles of sewer main, 223 manholes, and an extended aeration activated sludge mechanical treatment plant.  The lift stations were built and put on-line in 2010, with the new wastewater treatment plant going on-line in September 2011.  The treatment plant is capable of treating 490,000 gallons per day, and when the flow equalization basin is needed due to extreme wet weather conditions we can treat just under 1 million gallons per day.  In addition to the biological treatment process, the plant also has ultra violet disinfection on the treated water leaving the plant.

Urbana has approximately 13 miles of roadway.  In addition to repair and maintenance we are responsible for snow and ice removal, traffic control devices, street signs, and City owned street lights.

The Public Works Staff consists of three full-time employees:

Trent Kramer – Public Works Director

Luke Garwood

Allen Richart

Contact Information:

400 Velvas Street

Urbana, IA 52345